Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Undeniable Truth By Kiler Davenport

When should we grow up to the point of being able to look deep into the face of reality. At what age do we bring these hard truths to the young people. I talk to so many parents who want their kids to remain clueless concerning the harsh realities of the day. When are kids ready for this teaching and how much information should they be fed and by whom.

Most of the kids we talk to are completely caught up in the world of the clueless and basking in the fad shaped universe of the mainstream culture. Very few of these kids even know where they really are let alone where they came from or where they might be going. Many say let these kids be kids for Gods sake. Let them enjoy these wonders of being young and free. The problem I see with this is when will they learn to be adults and who is there to instruct them in the fine art of adult hood.

As this culture is so dumb when it comes to hard core, ground zero, reality we really don't have many qualified to teach. Most of the adults today are one brick short of a happy meal when it comes to worldly wisdom and practical knowledge. And our educational institutions are lacking in all areas of true and lasting development. The future looks grim to say the least.

Our new world is so massive and complex we may have passed the point of no return. When it comes to creating an environment that is conducive to activation of the total brain of our young ones.

We have this very dangerous situation now where the blind are leading the blind and the deaf the deaf. Kids have very few places to turn for help.

It has been my experience that kids deal with truth much easier than adults and we have found that an ounce of truth goes so much further than a pound of lies. Kids trust and need the dirty, nasty, rotten, filthy hard to swallow, grim truth. They will be worthless growing up in a world where they are sheltered and diverted from the real world. Letting kids be kids should not mean building fences around them to try and protect them from things they will have to deal with sooner than later and besides most of these kids have a much better grip and understanding of things than most adults want to believe or admit.

Kids just have a different way of talking and expressing. They come with their own set of rules and their own way of dealing with reality. When adults can take the time to learn how to fully relate to our youth then and only then. Then and only then will there be a true meeting of the minds. Adults have to face the fact that kids are forced to grow up much faster than we did and are subjected to things and are directly involved in things at eleven years old that took some of us to the ripe old age of 17 to comprehend.

Yes times have changed and parents need to wake the hell up and find a way to get real with these kids. Put the cold hard facts of life on the table. Limited and filtered communications with your kids or any kids will only end in complete disaster. So next time you have the chance just be real with these kids. Say the truth even if it hurts or is a little off beat and obscene. Keep the playing field level and make sure all sides understand the rules of the game and we just might save this next generation.

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