Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fake Book Zombies By Kiler Davenport

They stand glass eyed and empty
Their children follow them like old sour milk dripping from a jug
Their steps are meaningless and their path a dead end

These fake book zombies
Millions and millions of them going down to the slaughter house
Rushing down to the kill floor dazed and amazed

These are the clueless Ines that will tell you that they are warriors here on fake book
These are the ones that sit for hours and hours posting meaningless dribble

These comfort zone junkies
These dime store poets
These mindless slaves of self destruction
Popping out of the hole like groundhogs in a massive flood they come

Zombies of the New World Order ready and waiting to serve
Ye shall know them by their posts and their words
Mindless creatures destined for a cold and empty grave

Consumer crazed maggots filling the streets
Trained to be submissive
Programmed to mimic and indoctrinated to fail

They own nothing, control nothing, and are nothing
Whores of the ruling class
Expendable as garbage
They come and they come and they come
Extermination is imminent and death is soon

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