Monday, June 17, 2013


So I went to my psychiatrist yesterday and from the very start of the session things got off to a bad start. First of all there is a complete breakdown in communication between the mental health personnel working with me. I see two doctors and one is not reading what the other is writing and this is a problem. I was also floored when Dr. Ruff looked at me so serious and said 'with all due respect I believe you to be somewhat delusional'. 'And what makes you think that' I said. 'Well' he said 'the last session was going well until you started talking about these chem trails  and all of the chemicals falling from the sky out of the jet streams and weather modification projects developed by the government including the United States Air Force and NASA'. He then proceeds to get a little grin on his face as if he really put me in a position to confess that I was delusional or even psychotic for being alert and orientated to my current environment and being well read on technology of the day and very well educated on the strange science that is being practiced all in the name of progress.

Why should it be my responsibility to prove that I am not delusional just because Dr. Ruff is not well educated on the current technologies and science of the day. Why should I have to suffer being labeled delusional or even worse. To me this is a breaking story and one that needs to be told. If even part of what happens in that office yesterday is happening to others we the people need to put a stop to it and develop safeguards so that it will never happen again. I wonder what would have happened if I had told him that we are all being tracked, traced, profiled, and surveiled all of the time by the National Security Agency, The Department of Justice, The Department of Defense and major corporations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All of this is public record and fact. What would he have diagnosed me with then?

What if I had said that the federal reserve was privately owned by a few mega rich at the top of the food chain and that they are the ones calling all the shots as to how the world works. What if I had talked about brainwashing or existentialism or Agenda 21 or HARP. What about vaccinations being poison to our children or our very limited amount of drinking water being poisoned and possibly even drugged in some locals. What if I had informed him that our government is not only manipulating the weather but can also produce at will earthquakes or tsunamis, drought or flood. Would this be reason to lock me up and throw away the key and how many well meaning folks out there are going and have gone through the same thing I am going through now.

Why should the burden of proof fall on me to prove myself sane when all this information is on the internet, factualized, and reported on by some of the most important, intelligent, and credible people on the planet. Would it of not been better if the doctor would have been knowledgeable in these issues that we are all facing at this moment. Would it have not been better for everyone if he would have said 'WOW. I guess I need to study and come up to speed on what is happening in the real world so I can better help those who need my help.'

On my next visit to all of these so called psychiatrists I am now preparing, at Dr. Ruff's request, a complete file on all these things talked about above. I am also thinking about filing a law suit against these doctors who are abusing their power without giving the patient a chance to prove their case.

If I am delusional then we are all in trouble because millions of people are waking up to these atrocities going on all over the world including the killing of innocent people in the Middle East funded by tax money of United States citizens. I will conclude here with the fact that I can prove my case and I will present the facts to those who will listen. I hope that when this is over it will turn the mental health system upside down and change the way we approach mental illness and the way doctors deal with these tough issues.

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