Friday, June 14, 2013


The simple fact that we are somehow conscious of ourselves is a complete mystery when in fact we have no concrete proof that we are in fact ourselves. Of course it is also a complete mystery that we even exist at all. This kind of thinking if taken to the extreme can drive one completely mad and in fact has driven many people to the edge and beyond. The human brain as far as we know is not capable of performing these types of functions or contemplating these types of impossible calculations. This leaves us in somewhat of an endless and eternal loop.

I believe it is well enough that we strive to survive. Over the years I have come to see just how destructive it is to try and convince others that we shall never know the meaning of life, consciousness, existence, space, time, or so called reality. We will never even come close to knowing the essence of being or the phenomenal mysteries that surround us. We must learn to be present, to be alive what ever that means. We must know that we are here to help each other. Our quest is one of reaching out, of caring, of forgiving, giving, understanding within the realm of possibilities and knowing and believing that we are in no way special or privileged in this complex event we call life.

Our worst mistake is believing that we are right and others are wrong. Self-righteousness and conceit has been the downfall of every civilization since time began. I firmly believe that we have the capacity and ability to control ourselves to a point that would be conducive to a more sustainable, safe, secure, and healthy future. However, so far, we have not done this. We are a cunning and manipulative species. We are a destructive, dangerous, and violent in our very nature. To alter the course of the future in a way that would work for everyone would be the most ordinate and painful task we have ever undertook at the collective level of community. It would require sacrifice that the majority are not willing to make and it would force upon the many the opinions of the few and this is just the opposite of what we are used to.

In other words we should move to a place in our minds where the minority rules simply because the minority is usually right. The minority understands that we cannot have our cake and eat it too. The minority understands suffering at its worst. They understand what its like to be last in line, hungry, cold, depressed, bewildered, and cast out. This major shift in thinking will not likely happen because the big fish are so used to eating up the little fish.

To many of you this is an absurd idea and one that should not even be contemplated let alone considered. However, one day soon, you may end up inside that minority and then and only then will you understand this wisdom I speak here.

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