Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Falling Off The Tracks by Kiler Davenport

So at the same time we are creating our own realities. We are crossing paths with the realities that others are creating all based on what I call self constructed reality emanating from one's senses and determined by one's experience and overall psychological makeup. If in fact we do create our own individual realities based on our past and present experience would this not suggest that there is absolutely no right or wrong way to do something or carry out some plan or create some project or event.

Human beings are very unique in that we have been given this fantastic ability to know that we are human. We see ourselves as a very important actor in this almost incomprehensible play we call life. As far as we know animals do not know that they are animals. They do not start the day pondering the theory of existence or thinking about the new world order or the end of the world. It is only humans that are able to do this and unfortunately it is only humans that are able to destroy themselves on command.

We are a warring people, selfish, greedy, spoiled, temperamental, judgmental, conceded, and full of ourselves and always ready for a challenge that could  and will most certainly lead to a fight at some point in the exchange with other humans.

In this year 2013 we seem to have lost our common purpose if we ever had one to begin with. We seem to have created a new "god" called technology. We have somehow lost our way. Fallin' off the tracks that once connected us and gave us some basic united cause, direction, and reason to come together, work together, fight together, and have a sort of old time pre-ordained fellowship.

Today is a day of dangerous divisions and strange bed fellows on the international stage. "Show me the money" seems to be the new mantra. If we can't buy it we will just kill you and take it the new strategy. Lying seems to be the totally in thing to do. This along with cheating, stealing, cunning, manipulation, and outright extortion has become the norm not just with the common people but even our own government is steeped in this dark practices and rituals. One must ask what kind of forces are at work here or is it just what we as humans do. Is it just the way we are built and that's that?

Has anyone ever taken the time to realize that people were made to fight, to create war, and go to war, to kill, mame, rape, pillage, and plunder. I know this is all hard to swallow but from all indications it might just be true.

Yes there is no doubt about it humans are dangerous, unpredictable, two faced and overall just destructive especially when given a little power and a title of importance. When presented with the opportunity, resources, money, tools, power and facility the sweetest person can turn into a killing machine. Yes this must be why we can't seem to get this train back on the tracks because somehow we have let the wolves into the hen house and they are eating up all the chickens while we watch. I mean look at what we are doing in the middle east and elsewhere. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are being killed while Americans sit back on their fat ass knowing it is wrong and knowing that it should be stopped but they (we) do nothing. As a matter of fact many applaud these efforts of mass murder.

When I hear folks talking and posting about how we need to change the world I think to myself the so called world changes every second, minute, hour, day, month and year. What is change and who should be the one or ones who determine in what direction we should go.

I wonder if those in the new age movement ever really stop to think that the reason we have laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, statutes, and city ordinances is to protect us humans from ourselves and each other. We are all so diversified in our thinking and beliefs as to the ways we think everything should run and the way people should think and believe. We almost  have to have a ruling class or ruling elite or we would surely destroy each other and the world as we know it in a matter of months. There has to be checks and balances. There must be overseers and policy makers.

I will agree that the system we have created and allowed to continue is not the best by any stretch of the imagination but its all we got at the moment and will most likely be with us for a long time to come. What if we could see all of this as just the way it is until its not and do our very best to go out there and do what we can to make it better without promoting delusions and half truths. Not saying we should just lay down and except the way things are but understand and get a grip on where we are, how we let it get to this point and understanding just how long it might take given how long it took to get the way it is and work with that and deal with those facts.

We are at a time in history where right, just and fair have twisted meanings. We are also having to deal with globalization and the idea of a one world government like it or not. Often times social service and human development programs are machine made and run by bureaucrats who are just filling a seat or position and really do not care or even have depth of compassion, empathy, understanding and experience to even be working with other human beings who are displaced, suffering and in need.

We are a world filled with religions, dogmas, creeds, traditions, movements, beliefs, philosophies, tribes, ideas, experiences, communities, cults, militias, sovereigns, citizens, freeman, patriots, rich, poor, clueless, haves, have nots, demented, perverted, twisted, dysfunctional, strange, outspoken, introverted, smart, dumb, genius, deviant, diabolical, money hungry, power crazed, followers, leaders, killers, rapists, molesters, robbers, disinformation and misinformation agents, stoolies, rats, tattle tales, back biters, gossips, cheats, slanderers, spoiled, clueless, lame brains, drugged up, alcohol soaked, crazed maniacs and that is just the ones that govern that I am describing here.

Now if you add in the others who are governed who have the same problems now we start to get a really good picture of what we are all up against.

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