Friday, June 14, 2013


Okay so you've turned over your driver's license, burned your social security card and denied ever having a birth certificate. You now claim to be one person under God free of government contracts that bind you to the machine. Oh I forgot you also ripped the tags off your car, canceled your liability insurance and refuse to pay any more income tax or contract with the government in any way, shape, form or fashion. For those of you wondering why anyone would want to do all of this you are not alone. People who go to these extremes to separate from the current powers that be are not crazy. They are not stoned out of their mind drunk hippies. They are simply fed up with this power crazed, money hungry, corrupt, killing machine we call government. Not everyone is brave enough to take these drastic steps to disconnect from Uncle Sam and go through the hell that many of these folks have to go through just to feel this strange kind of freedom. I consider them to be brave and fearless.

They are on the front lines of the war to bring and keep power back with the people who have seemingly given up their power to govern. Yes I am speaking of the commoners. You and I and all those other hard working, tax paying slaves out there who have taken back and recognized their rights under God to live free and restrained in a world where freedom rings and the common folk rule themselves.

We have evolved into slaves who bow willingly to the machine. We have fallen victim of our on accord to this tyranny and totalitarian rule and fist of the new world order. Most Americans are completely unaware of the dangers that lurk in the shadows of this dark and dreadful force.

What is amazing to me is how we could sit back and let things get this far out of hand without revolution or at least some form of intersection directed toward those who seem dead set on stripping us of our life, liberty, and justice. We are being poisoned with deadly chemicals and toxins. Arrested and beaten by police who have forgotten their role as peace officers and champions of the constitution of this republic and railroaded into court on trumped up charges based on mostly illegal statutes and ordinances that are designed to fill the coffers and the pockets of those who are running this illegal shell game.

Yes I applaud all of those who are fighting this evil, nasty, corrupt, dirty, and rotten system. The time for action is now. The time for revolution is now. The fox is in the hen house and eating up the chickens as fast as they can be born. I am referring to the children who are being birthed into this new world order. Who will be there to stand for them? Who will risk their life to rescue them, teach them, train and educate them? Americans on the whole are clueless, lazy, spoiled, glutenous, and self-centered. The system we live in and have allowed to grow was designed to divide and destroy us. The sad fact is that it will only get worse.

Minute by minute, second by second the clock is ticking down and we are being gobbled up in the belly of this new world order never to be seen again.

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