Friday, June 14, 2013


Life is the ultimate game. The players are as diverse as the heavens and as unpredictable at the weather. There are some of us who know the rules of the game much better than others and love to play cat and mouse with the world at large. We bask in the art of carefully controlled communication and are always in the game and alert and fully turned on. When you open your mouth or type a word or post something I can tell where you are in the game and the more you put yourself out there the more you give yourself away.

Many of you are devoid of highly calculated interactive communications and are not even aware of what you are not aware of. In other words you lack the ability to think about thinking and this puts you at a very bad disadvantage when swimming in the tank with big fish. I have spent my life studying advanced human and environmental communications and I am for the first time revealing to you this dangerous and cunning art.

We are rare and you will not find very many with these skills and tactics. These skills can be used for good or they can be used in the most destructive ways. Most of us who possess these skills remain hidden in the shadows and never tell the secrets of the craft. Others use their skills to manipulate into doing things you would not or should not normally do.

To perfect the craft takes years of study and much practice and the craft cannot be taught. You are either born with this ability or you are not. Talking to one of us when you know who we are is scary and can even be terrifying to some.

The art or craft of communication is the most powerful force on earth when fully understood and utilized at full capacity. It can also produce deadly results and devastate whole populations and nations. There is no defense and no way to even know who is the master of the game unless you are in the game and possess equal or even more powerful skills than the opponent.

Some of us choose not to devastate and destroy. Some of us are just amused playing the game. Yes you can learn some of these tactics and you can learn to be a better communicator. However you first have to realize how to play the game and just how dangerous it can be.

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