Friday, June 14, 2013


Wisdom comes through time and experience. It is like a fine, rare, expensive wine after many years of aging. It blossoms forth to wet the pallets of those ready for its birth. True wisdom comes through pain, suffering, perversion, dread, confusion, trauma, depression, selfishness, greed, darkness, and death. The more death the better.

She feeds on curiosity and observation. Her maturity springs forth in silence. She is not loud and boisterous. She will not easily take center stage because she is waiting for the world to take another breath. She has been in the game far too long so she has learned to wait, to be patient, to just be.

Wisdom is not free or easy. Her path was filled thorns and thistles. Her mind filled with rage. Death was always on her mind. A constant companion lurking in the shadows around every corner.

She is as soft as a lamb or deadly as a snake. You cannot shake her. You will not kill her. She is eternal. She is solid. She will not be blown off course. She cannot be fooled.

Wisdom is the calm before the storm. She will not bow to kings. She will not follow the pack. She is steadfast and sure. She is always on. There is no wavering with her. She will let you run your course. For she is way beyond the finish line. She will stand when others fall. She will fight when others run. She will live when all have gone.

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