Friday, June 14, 2013


Many people are so quick to judge what they do not understand or do not agree with. This is not a new age problem this attitude goes back to the beginning of civilization and longer I am sure. It has gotten worse because we as a society have much more information coming into our brains and so much more going on in the world today. The things we have to decide on today pale in comparison to even fifty years ago. With the birth of television, radio, telephone, and the Internet life has become better in many ways but vastly complex in others.

There seems to be no one way to do anything anymore. Perception and cognition have changed. We are far from grounded as we were back in the sixties and even seventies. Yes times have certainly changed and in my opinion not for the better. When I was a kid in the sixties life was slow and simple. We did not have Google to run to and we did not have 1,000 fake friends and fam on the Internet. We respected our elders and believed in the Country and the officials elected to run it. Sure we had problems and difficulties but nothing then would even compare with the insanity of today.

We as a people have lost our way. We have fallen away from the things that are most important. Our value system is upside down and our moral compass is broken. The so called good old days are gone forever and old school ways are a thing of the past and never to be revived or even remembered again. This is a sad state of affairs. Most of us seniors grew up in this 'time forgotten' world. Most of the seniors I talk to are so glad they won't be here to see this shit get any more insane.

The fools and the foolish are taking the helms and the clueless slave class of mindless drones follow them into the new world order. The blind leading the blind into oblivion and beyond. The common sense has been beat out of these new age numb skulls and the clock is ticking down to God know what to a place of only God knows where.

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