Friday, June 14, 2013


I am still trying to get a grip on why folks just can't seem to get along especially those that have what I would call major differences of opinion. Then we have the race issue – he's black, she's white, he's asian, she's from Mexico, and so and so on. But then it gets really stupid. You have those who make fun of tall folks, short folks, fat people, and to really too skinny, long hair and short, old clothes and new clothes, old car new car, ugly house, pretty house and on and on and on. People are really short sighted and ill equipped to deal with the real world.

Most seem to live in a very little narrow world. They want what they want. They believe what they believe, eat what they eat, listen to a certain kind of music, wear certain kinds of clothes, and believe very specific kinds of things. Yes, people are very, very different and it shows at every turn. I believe diversity is healthy and built into the human machine. The only thing that really makes us all the same is that we are all different.

It would be cool if people could just chill out and do what they do without trying to convince everyone else to do it. Sameness is boring and monotonous. When dealing with different kinds of people, and I do, respect is the key and letting them be without trying to change them. The problem begins when we try to sell others our bullshit and belief systems. Again respect is the key.

New age, old age, right wing, left wing, broken wing, atheist, agnostic, guru, sage, light worker, Jew, Arab, Mexican, Black. We all bleed the same blood, breath the same air, and die the same death and that's that.

If you have a continuous problem getting along with others who are different from you. It is a sign of immaturity and ignorance on your part. It is always a good practice to let others ask what you are about rather than trying to impress them with your dimes worth of knowledge when you first meet them. Let them wonder about you. You being in the neutral position allows people to trust you and get to know who you are on their terms and this is okay.

People need to always remember we are human first. We are just another person out of billions. Just a small grain of sand on an eternal beach surrounding an eternal sea. Don't run up in people's face and start telling them you are a light worker, healer, or sovereign, or clan mother, or sage, or guru, or anything else. Just be present in the moment. More times than not people just want to talk about themselves anyway and could really give a rat's ass about who you are or what you do anyway. Just learn to shut up, calm down and be. Being a good listener is much more powerful than being a good blabber mouth anyway.

People who are always running their mouth really never learn anything at all. Life is all about balance, focus, and practice. It's all about being able to just sit back and take it all in without constantly waiting to get your two cents in. Your moment will come. Your star will shine if you have one. If not learn to be quiet and listen to all the other blabber mouths out there and this will teach you what not to be.

In the midsts of all the new age love talk is a whole bunch of assholes who make it really difficult to see how this world could ever be a loving place overall.

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