Sunday, July 14, 2013

Knowing by Kiler Davenport

We are creatures of the moment, products of experience and hell bent on habit. It is very hard for most to see the forest of reality for the trees of the comfort zone that so many are trapped in. We are a nation of zombies trained, poised, and programmed to follow the current trends and fads of the day and disregard the rest. The majority of well meaning but clueless Americans are completely lost in a sea of mediocrity and chained to the constant flow of mainstream culture and bullshit, spins, lies, propaganda, and mind control techniques beyond the scope of human comprehension and understanding. The bottom line is absolutely nothing is really what it appears to be and the more we think we understand something the less we really know about it.

Sure we have a system and we have all been indoctrinated and programmed into the system. On the surface everything might seem very normal. However, if one would only take the time, energy, and dedication to dig deep, very deep, beyond the surface. You will discover a world that is not just frightening but terrifying to the untrained mind.

Most people do not have the capacity or the desire to follow this dangerous path because it leads to a place of unimaginable complexity and many who have gone there have ended up dead or insane or both. Normal is subjective and illusive. For who can say what is really normal. Who can define right from wrong? What group or individual can determine what is equitable and just for the whole of humanity.

For a relatively new species we tend to fluff our feathers and pretend to know much more that we really do and this extends to just about every subject known to mankind.

Knowing is a very complex and misunderstood word. Can any of you truly explain what it means? Of course not because it would imply an end and not a means to an end that can never be. Knowing is impossible and for anyone to even imply that they know something is delusional to say the least. However, we all do it.

When people say I know, what they should really say is "I see", "I observe", "I contemplate", I feel", and so forth. This would make life so much more bearable and palatable. It would also bring peace to a world that is self destructing due to its stubbornness and one sidedness which creates division, hatred, and war.

For anyone to stand firm in the know ultimately leads to a defensive posture which in the extreme can only lead to death and destruction. Seeing is much better and safer than knowing because it allows for opposing input and opinion without the fear of outright rejection or violence. It also cultivates the garden of creativity and innovation and if understood and applied would bring about world peace and encourage people at all levels to become players in this game of life.

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