Monday, June 17, 2013


It is my firm belief and opinion that human beings will never know why they came to be. It is also within my understanding that we will never really know if we were created or if we have just always been. Man in his quest to know more and want more has unleashed a monster that will surely be the end of him.

In our attempt to find the fountain of youth we have developed the tools to destroy us all. In our mad rush to progress we have forgotten some of the most sacred rules of life. We are raping and plundering the earth with little respect for those who will come after us. I do not see this global gang bang slowing down any time soon. If anything it will get worse until we are forced to ease up.

Man has become a complete nuisance upon this rock we call earth. We are multiplying like rats in the sewer. This quest for global dominance and power has placed the U.S. in a very dangerous position and has redefined international and foreign relations to a point where even the most learned do not have a clue as to what will happen next.

Our insatiable dependence on oil has been the cause of and the reason for so many innocent lives lost with many more in its wake. We seem to never learn from history that a house divided will fall and a government who has lost its sense of responsibility and oath to its nation will surely die or come to naught.

Our science and technology is out of control and those who created it demented and forever lost in its gaze. Our moral compass is shattered and one nation under God has turned to one nation under greed. Many things one considered despicable are now the norm. Our lust for pleasure at the expense of others is cutting at the core of our ability to survive. We are now in such financial ruin that not even the most intelligent plan will not save us from the economic collapse and complete failure.

Corporate greed, back door deals, and double dealing are rotting the system from the inside out while people sleep in their comfort zones waiting for their crumbs to fall from the master's table.

Where will it all end? How will it end? I say it already has while you were asleep.

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