Friday, June 14, 2013


Those who are wide awake realize that we live in the present moment. It is all we have. To complain about yesterday and worry about tomorrow is a complete waste of time and energy. We truly live in the moment and those who can fully grasp this are way ahead of the game. At present we are not even sure if the past ever really happened or if there really is a future ahead of us. We are not even completely sure if this present is real at least not in the way we believe it is. Trying to get a firm grip on what I am saying here will have a profound effect on your life and those around you. If in fact we as humans do create our reality as we go and really do have the power to alter its course in profound and exciting ways on command. The benefits of this power is almost beyond human comprehension.

Most all of the super thinkers in history eluded to these and many more powers that have been there waiting to come forth. But over time we have let them slip into the void and be forced into dormancy. We can call this many things, these wonderful powers – magic, sorcery, voo doo, spelling, ascension, or getting in touch with God or source. But whatever we call them they will never be fully realized unless we understand how they work, what they do, and how we can use them to make the world a better place. Everyone has access to the abilities however most have been programmed to believe otherwise.

We live in a pre-packaged world where things you need come right off the shelf or show room floor. We have lost our sense of self reliance and self determination. Most everything is done for us. We are spoiled, selfish, and conceited. We have lost the collective spirit to the point where even our senses have been dulled and deadened. We have turned our powers over to this machine we call the state. It has become our god. We feed it, nurture it, worship it, take our sustained from it and bow to it, take our sustenance from it and bow to its rule of law. We do this because it is so much easier not to have the responsibility of thinking for yourself.

Critical thinking skills have been programmed out of the general population. The government loves it this way. They love for you to be dependent on them. They love for you to bow to them and be needy and weak. It is really hard to break away from this powerful machine. We are born into this system. This culture. This programming.

We are fortunate, if along the path of life, we find an escape route and wake up to the fact that almost everything we ever learned is a complete fiction. When you grow up and are nurtured into this system it is very hard to wake up and break away. I mean look how long it took to get you where you are at this very moment. Yes it will take a long time to break away from this prophecy.

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