Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tough Love Central

concentrating on what is good, wholesome, sweet and pure will not help us. all of these things will take care of themselves and have always been there. what we must do and have been called to do is show that these qualities are much more conducive to live than the alternative. what are all the so called good people doing and where are they, that is the question and something that needs to be answered.

being good is very subjective and self serving. even bad people say they are good and even do many good things. in their mind this gives them a free pass to do what ever they want to do. sure I give to the homeless and give to the church but in secret I am a complete ass whole and gouge my customers and sell
dangerous products, provide bad service and treat my employees like shit.most people change from day to day and are not very consistent at being good all the time. most folks are good only when they think they are going to get something for themselves out of the deal. many just put on the good face to fool everyone.
the fight between good and evil is not what most people think. this game is not for the weak at heart. it is war and one must be a warrior to understand this. lovie dovie light foot people of the so called light are not cut out for this at all. they need to stay home under the bed close to ma ma. this is a blood and guts war that will be fought on the battlefield of real life. we will not come out on the other side of this thing without an all out blood and guts ground war.this is something all of you light foots need to understand. it will be fine for you to come in and remove the dead bodies and clean up afterward but stay off the battle field or you will get your new age ass kicked.

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