Wednesday, October 17, 2012


have you ever just sit back and watched your thoughts 
go by as if watching a parade.

have you ever wondered who you really are and
if you have anything to do with you.

what if you are just a forward moving endless tape,
a dot on an eternal time line.

what if the real you is made up of everyone,
what if understanding this is waking up.

there is no power in the self, the me, the I,
the us, the all of.

the power is in the we,
the individual intellect is completely useless by itself,
to be an island is to be dead.

the power of community has been lost to the 
illusion of the self and selfishness.
we live in a culture and have created such as 
to be afraid of each other and paranoid.
the powers that be do not want true community 
among the people this is truth.
division is the poison and the self is the tool,
we have lost the common ground.
our lives are built on sand and rotten foundations,
our quest for unity a misty dream.
we reach out to the void and feel completely empty,
we cry to the wind in vain.
who will come hold us, who will believe our pain and confusion,
where have they gone.

we have been swallowed up by this machine,
sucked down the dragons throat.

we live in the darkness of the times,
we live in our self constructed illusions.

to come together in true unity and fellowship 
would shatter the heavens and earth.

to reach out and hold each other would be the 
force that would change the world.

to believe,to forgive,to share,to listen and seek
 understanding would heal the world.

try and not let anyone shatter your hope and 
dreams of a better world,we are here.

we still believe in humanity,I still believe that 
there is hope, we must come together.

it will take a renewing of the spirit and mind,
it will take practice and hope.

we love you and forgive all of you,
we forgive ourselves and the ones that hate us.

we pray that their will be a coming together,
an awakening,a movement of people.

citizens of the world united to overcome ourselves,
our illusions, our programming.

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