Friday, October 5, 2012

Simple Water Saving Tips

As individuals, there are so many things we can do to reduce our water consumption - and save cash in the process too! Here are some brief and simple tips most of us can apply:

  • Shorter showers with less pressure
  • Install a water saving shower head - under $10
  • Ensuring taps, water pipes and hose connections don't drip
  • Checking toilets for leaks. Use a few drops of food coloring in the cistern, wait for a while and check the bowl for signs of color - be sure to flush afterwards prevent staining.
  • Buy clothing made with fibers that aren't so water intensive; such as hemp
  • Installing rainwater tanks or even just a small rain barrel
  • Using greywater from sinks and washing machines to water the garden
  • Using low water car washes
  • Installing tap aerators
  • Turning off the tap while brushing our teeth
  • Turning off the tap while shaving
  • Washing veggies in a sink partially filled with water instead of under a running tap
  • Setting washing machines at the lowest possible water level for the load
  • Watering gardens just after sunrise or just after sunset to reduce evaporation
  • Mulching gardens to reduce watering requirements
  • Installing drip irrigation systems
  • Cutting grass a little longer during summer
  • Reducing the temperature of water heaters which lessens the amount of mixing needed to be done in order to achieve a temperature that won't scald your skin
  • Installing dual flush toilets or displacement devices in cisterns
  • Fill a dishwasher completely before running it
  • Don't use water to accelerate thawing of food
  • Instead of using a sink rubbish disposal unit, establish a compost pile or worm farm
  • Use drought tolerant plants in your garden and drought resistant grass for lawn
  • Never use a hose to blast leaves or litter off a driveway - sweep it, it's good exercise too :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! These are simple and helpful tips and reminders. I believe that conserving water should be practiced by everyone especially during summer because people tend to consume more. We should be aware and reminded that there is only a limited supply of potent water so that each would do their part in saving it.

    Lorenza Coon