Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sixty Four Dollar Question -- Kiler Davenport

Those of us who have matured somewhat normally over the years can not help laughing when you guys and girls take yourselves and the politics of the day so seriously. You all are a hoot. So wrapped up in yourselves. So intent on getting your point across and for what. The names might change but the game will always be the same.

For anyone with half a brain can see that your vote is meaningless and all the time and effort spent could be directed toward building your local coalitions at the community level. The problem is most have forgotten how to work together without discord and disagreement. We live and attempt to operate in this massive system that is completely and forever out of control. We have lost our sense of focus and direction.

The rules of this game are changing at break neck speed and very few can keep up. Let alone understand or comprehend even the most basic component within the system.

All have become servants to this invisible force that in many ways seems to be turning on the very ones it was elected to serve and protect and to some extent provide for.

Today's citizens are like fish out of water. All gasping for that one last breath. All trying to get back into the safety of the waters of yesterday. All wanting to feel as if somehow we all really do make some kind of a difference in the way things turn out.

We have come to a complete breaking point here in the United States. We are bankrupt at least in theory. We are terrorizing the Middle East. We are setting up a system of fear and paranoia with mass surveillance and homeland security watchdogs. We have become absolutely self-destructive and unable to function as a nation.

The worst part of all of this is that most of the people in the U.S. are void of the wisdom, insight, and education to see the forest for the trees.

So many hundreds of thousands are clueless, could even be millions.

Most are still waiting for a savior. Someone or something to come and fix their completely broken down and worn out system we call democracy. How will it end? Where and when will it end? That is the sixty four dollar question.

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