Wednesday, October 10, 2012


the big question now seems to be okay so we have woken up and now what and so what. and when other people say oh you have become awake so tell me what are you going to do now and they say oh, I am going to go and wake other people up and I say then what. and they say I really do not know, and I say are you going to get all these people together and do something and they say I do not know. do you know?

you see not being awake just means that you do not believe the exact same way that people who think they are awake feel. I mean I could say your not awake if your a republican, or if your not gay or religious. not being awake can mean many things to many people and this is something that is not talked about very often. not talking about it leaves so many people confused and wondering. most people out there who say you need to wake up are talking about the government and the way they have programmed people to do what they want them to do. they are talking about all the strange things that are happening all around us that many do not want to deal with or simply do not believe could be happening. 
many people have never even thought about waking up because they do not feel like they have been asleep. as matter of fact many people here in the United States feel that things are running somewhat normal, sure there are problems but to talk about the food being poisoned and the government being involved in cartels, beings from other planets and all that is when
they leave the room and call the men in white to come and get you because they think you are crazy.
you must understand all of this is subjective and subject to questioning. for what is true to you is not true to everyone,and what you see happening is a construct of your reality and not everyone else's. and what is bad to you may not be bad to anyone else. everyone sees the world from a different perspective and has a unique way of processing information. we are all pretty much in our own little worlds, trapped in our experience and opinions. to be a really good communicator you must understand all that I am telling you and much more. you have to be able to see things from every angle and be able to put yourself in other shoes. this does not mean that you will always be so nice and understanding nor does it mean that you will be able to bring everyone around to your way of thinking.
what it does mean is that you will learn much more about how to deal with all kinds of people in all kinds of circumstances. as you start to learn more about human and other forms of communication you will see just how very complex it really is and how powerful it can be if used properly. you will also find yourself playing with people as a cat would play with a mouse. I do this all the time and it is second nature. to be fully awake is to understand what I am stating here. most people just rattle and rant.
they are really running on automatic stupid mode. they are not really thinking about what they are saying or even why they are saying it let alone if anyone is grasping or caring about what they are spitting out.
so you see to be fully awake is to be fully in touch with the process of communication and be able to have fun with it. I will be doing many shows on this very complex subject if any of you would like to learn.

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