Thursday, October 18, 2012


when I say I am this or that I am dividing the whole. when I say I am, I am not.
when I say we did such and such I am lost in the fog.when I say me, I am dead.
when I say you and me I must not forget them,when I feel so special I am deluded.

we do not have the power because we are not on the same page,we are dead.
I do not have the power because of the I in you and the we in them, do you see.
all of
the combined knowledge in the world is mocked by one falling leaf.

all of the beauty in the world is brought together in one single rain drop falling.
humans are animals all dressed up,they are food for the worms of the earth.
we will pass like bad gas in the winds of time and the earth will 
once again be safe.

like nasty maggots we crawl upon her back,she moans and groans in resistance.
we do have the ability to realize right and wrong,good and bad,we choose to destroy.

we take away and waste, we suck this land dry, like wild zombies 
loosed from sleep.

can one only imagine the power of one thousand holding hands in agreement.
can one only think of the force and energy of one thousand saying no 
and hell no.

show me this one thousand and I will be the first to come in and help,
just show me.

I am one and two is two so where are all of you,if we can be 1000 I will show you what we can do.

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