Sunday, October 21, 2012

Behold Faith and Her Works

say to that mountain move and it shall move, do you believe that?
the Lord was referring to things that get in the way of your forward movement.
things like addictions and bad habits, temper, anger. you must believe and act.
you have the power to do fantastic things in your life, but first you must believe.
you have been to fear and cow down to life. your bad programming keeps you down.

it is almost imp
ossible to change old programming,it takes practice and patience. you must never give up and always remember that you are in charge of you. never say never have faith and practice what you preach. yes it is hard, very hard. it took a lifetime to get where you are and it will take a long time to change your mind.

reprogramming is one of the hardest things you will ever do and it is easy to give up. you start by erasing everything you have ever been taught and rethinking everything. question all questions and question all answers,take time to study the issues at hand. remember everyone has a different take on things and the way they work.

there is no one way to do or think about anything,life and everything in it is a process. nothing has to be this way or that way,everything is in constant movement. what is right to you is wrong to another, and what is wrong to you is right to another. never get the idea that you are right and everyone else is wrong, be open and listen.

the world is forever changing and flowing like a mighty river,you must flow with it. ideas, attitudes and opinions are nothing but powerful energy flowing in the universe. and remember it takes focus and attention to move mountains and people. be always attentive to your surroundings and be alert to the environment around you. do not be quick to judge and point fingers, be very slow to anger, keep calm. forever be a magnet for wisdom. let her come to you and abide in you. be at peace.

as you grow in wisdom many will be afraid because of the things you speak.
your words will be as the rushing wind and many will fall and not understand.
the ones who are supposed to hear you will and those who do not will parish.
this is the way of the world. this is the mystery of the ages, this is life.
go the way of the masters, seek out what is good, the world is drowning in darkness.

we the watchers are here for a short time to reveal the mystery,do not be blind.
break away from the illusion of the self and come out of the darkness.
we the watchers have come to open your eyes to the mystery, listen and think.
many are called and few will be chosen, because you have your eyes closed.

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