Thursday, November 8, 2012


as we debate and divide. as we rant and rave the war rages on. as we pretend to know we do not know. as we pretend to do we do not do and as we think we do not think. it is very hard to admit that we know nothing at all. we make things up as we go. we know not where we are in the universe. we know not where we came from and we have no idea where we might go if anywhere when we leave here feet first. all we can do is just get together and say to each other wow, wow, wow.

we live in such an illusive world where nothing is as it seems. we are energy and mass with a brain. we are dancing particles that spin and spin
and spin. we beg for purpose and direction. we seek knowledge and wisdom and they elude us. each with his or her own way, stubborn, conceited, selfish, lazy, stupid, dumb, greedy, twisted, perverted, two faced, spoiled and just plain full of shit. so many nit wits out there on every corner. lame brains coming out of the wood work, shit for brains on Capital hill, cunning and crass in the Congress and power crazed in the executive office.

sign holders, protesters, occupy movements,sit ins,revolutionaries and just the plain insane. programmed, propagandized, computerized and despised. divided by ego, blinded by pleasure, lust and the need for speed. we are to far removed to ever get back. too hell bent to ever come together as one and to selfish to really share. some are looking for God. some believing they are God and the rest do not give a rats ass. where are you and who are you? what have you become and what lie will you tell me? what lie have you believed?

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