Saturday, September 3, 2011



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The truth that hurts is the one that we know is right.

The one we hide our face from.

 The one that keeps us awake at night.

The one that has been there all along.


It begs to be heard

Locked up in the dark corners of our mind

Surrounded by the I, me, it, they, them and we.


The truth, that all knowing, all seeing

Strange figment of the imagination.


The I Am, the Almighty, the one and only truth.

We cannot and will not touch it.

We will never know it or even be able to describe it.

It remains to be the only place that we can feel safe.


The truth, it hides in plain sight

Yet we pretend it is not there.

It moves the earth and keeps the planets in their orbit

Yet we refuse to acknowledge it.


It is the very essence of our being

The breath that gives us life.

The hand that reaches out to comfort us

In our time of need.

The soft voice in the dark that brings forth another day.


We study it, we deny it.

We analyze, contemplate, and ponder its mighty works.

All the while refusing to submit, to become one with

The I Am, the word, wisdom.

Just to be.


We are not the truth nor are we the way.

We did come from ourselves and cannot

Be sure we will live another day.


The truth it begs our attention.

It is now and ready, waiting and wanting.


When you set out on your journey to find it

You must stop and realize it is where you stand.

The air you breath, the ground you walk upon,

The bird in the air, the ocean breeze, the fire, the grass, the trees.


The truth always and forever with us.

Ready to take us up in arms and hold us.

Ready to make the way straight.


When you arrive into her place

You will see nothing

You will hear nothing

You will feel nothing

You will know nothing

For in her is everything

Which is the absolute, the void, the invisible made whole

The beginning of the end

Past, present, future all in one


Now go and seek this JOY

This peace, this place

This incredible something that

We so humbly call the truth



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