Friday, September 23, 2011




Do you really know me

I really know me

If you only knew me

The one you see is not me

Its only the one I want you to see

Its only the one I pretend to be

Do you think I'm happy trying to be

Who you want me to be

If you only knew, if you could only see

How much more there is of me

It would be nice to know why we

Play this never ending silly game

Sometimes I want to tell you I'm not the cat

For you to tame

Can't you understand that I a m

And you are you

Trying to control each other

Is something we should never do

Love is free

Not bound and tied

If I told you different

It would be a lie

Open the cage

And let me fly

Deep down inside I'm not the sweet little girl

You want me to be

So open this cage

And set me free

Don't box me in

Just be my friend

Neither one of us should have to bend and bend

To blend in

Love me for who I am

And not who you want me to be

I want to know the real you and you me

But that will never happen

Unless we set each other free

We can still be together

But independently

True love cannot be begged,

Borrowed, bought, or sold

It has to slowly grow

From deep down in the soul

It's based on respect, honor, and trust

Not dominance, jealousy, and control

Let's learn to live life to the fullest

Let's take each day one step at a time

Let me be me

And you be you

Just be a friend of mine

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