Saturday, September 3, 2011


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That we should love one another and forgive one another and comfort each other; these words are sweet upon my lips. But when I look out at the world the sweetness becomes sour and the reality harsh. I know that God is good and I know that he cares about each and every one of us. Why would God create us or allow us to be and then control us completely? What sense would that make? We are agents with free will. It is completely up to us what we do with this opportunity we have been given.


God is simple, sure, and eternal. Look at the simplicity of nature, the balance, the harmony, the unity. What a blessing and a joy it is to be a part of this wonderful experience. One cannot express with words this moment.


Mankind’s ability to think, reason, and ponder has been both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes for me it seems better if I would have been a cat, cow, or bug.


Human beings seem to have lost their way if they ever had one at all. Most refuse to be content and satisfied with the basics – food, clothing, shelter, safety, and security. Furthermore we all seem to be on a self destruct mission in one way or another. We eat too much, smoke too much, drink too much, and much more. We are violent, hateful, disobedient, seemingly never satisfied. Our divide and conquer nation is destroying us and everything around us. I am too tired of it all.


As I look out into the world I feel lost and alone. Many millions feel this way. Many take their own life because of it. It’s as if I woke up out of a dream only to find myself in another dream. I know what is possible but will it or can it ever be.


If you were honest you would see that human beings really don’t like each other let alone love one another unconditionally. Most will not admit that they are terrified of this world. Sickness, pain, sorrow, and death await us; the thought of heaven or hell or just being tossed out into this void somewhere. Some of you seem so sure in your thinking, so firm in your understanding. This is all foolishness.

The only thing I know for sure is that I know nothing and that God knows everything that is why I must trust in God for everything. We get ourselves in trouble when we leave God out of the equation. When we pretend to know the answer we divide ourselves into a million pieces. We cut off any chance to heal our wounds.


We did not come from ourselves. We did not create ourselves. How can we be so puffed up and sure of ourselves? This is foolishness. The million words of the prophets would sustain as if we would only listen. Most have taken matters into their own hands blinded by the self, distracted, and drowning in the material world.


I have personally sat with those who were dying and watched their face and their eyes as they passed. It was if they saw the face of God. It was as if he was waiting for them on the other side. This made me less afraid to die because I saw the light of eternity at that moment when they took the last breath. I have also heard men cry out for God as they died. I have heard men scream for forgiveness for all the dirty deeds they had done upon this earth. Without God we are nothing. Without God we will perish into nothing.


All that I know is from living we must all pass from life into death. We can only hope that God will be there waiting for us and know that we did all that we could to hold onto these truths while still alive and able to love, forgive, comfort, reach out, give and fellowship. All of your foolishness will be worth nothing at the moment of death. Your money will not save you. Your power will be worthless; your status null and void.


One never knows when that last moment will come but I can assure you it will and my hope is that you will not go out screaming.

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