Saturday, September 3, 2011


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A house divided will fall. Our nation’s house is falling. We are a people divided. Our hearts have grown cold. Our sense of community distorted and diluted. So many lost and lonely souls litter the streets in every town in America.


Many of our senior citizens have been abandoned and are fair game for a corrupt and profit hungry long term care system; our prisons overflowing with those who never had a chance. We do not deserve the right to call ourselves one nation under God for this is a perversion and even worse an illusion.


There is no one group to blame; no organization to point at; no individual to condemn. We are all to blame. We are all at fault. We all share a common responsibility for this mess we are in. We cannot and will not turn back the hands of time. Never will we return to the so called ‘good ol’ days’. The American dream was a hoax perpetrated by the industrial revolution to fatten the pockets of the elite corporate lords.


Our moral compass is shattered. We have lost our way like blind and deaf mutes in a dark forest. We stumble to and fro like stunned zombies we fill the streets, cities, and towns. All dressed up and nowhere to go. Our only hope is to dig in and ride this thing out to its condition. The process is eternal. The illusion tempered to your constructed reality.


As the sun rises and sets so we shall go on. As the planets orbit the sun so shall we endure. As for one nation under God we are not.

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