Sunday, September 25, 2011


We have forsaken God Almighty. We have turned our backs on the God that gave us life. We are eating each other up at the core. We have come to a place where God is no longer the center piece of our life. The word has been twisted and turned to fit our needs, our wants. It is used to build empires, mega churches, roads that lead nowhere.

The great pretenders we are. We put on the face. We act the part. We dance the dance. We sing the songs. But do we have a personal relationship with God. Do we understand our place in this massive place we call the universe? We are so divided, so independent, so hateful, so confident that we have all the answers.

There is one God and one way. That one way has many roads, many paths, hills, mountains, and valleys. We are so far from what God wants us to be. We have been taken over by our passions, our lust, our need for immediate gratification. Most are living in complete darkness. They have been given over to the passions they so ardinently desire. Even those who claim to be so holy will not leave the comfort zone to reach out to those who are hurting, destitute, depressed, alone, suffering, dying. It's a feel good thing. It's all about appearance, putting on the show so others will think your holy, clean, sober, and filled with the Holy Ghost.

One nation under God means nothing anymore. It is a scam, a hoax, a demented trick. It is something we hide behind. We are using his name to represent our crooked ways, our nasty thoughts, our dark and dangerous deeds.

The closer I get to him the more I am bombarded with opposition and hatred. The world wants me, science wants me. The secular world is at my heels. Goodness is all around me. I have reached out to my closest friends to help me through this. They are praying for me that I will find the way.

We are so afraid of each other. We are so distant, secluded, self protecting, selfish, and greedy. We do everything opposite of the Word and expect reward. We sin over and over and expect to be forgiven. It all makes very little sense. It is all very confusing.

I personally think evil, I mean pure evil, can be overcome with love. We can try. We can stay steadfast. We can commit ourselves to that worthy goal but in the process we must be careful not to be taken in or consumed by the very evil we seek to change.Some things are just meant to be. Some things will never change. Some things we must leave to God to solve.

Believers should stick together, work together. They should embrace each other and come to each others aid. Sometimes we make mistakes in who we reach out to. Sometimes we step too quick without thinking and praying and we get hurt. It is because we didn't go in with the full confidence that God was working in us and through us.

We cannot doubt our faith. We must put on the full armor of God and keep it on. We must be able to see beyond our circumstances into the realm of the spirit that leads us in this war zone we call the world.

True believers have much more to rejoice about than argue about. Much more in common than not. Our goal is to stay away from the fires of persistent and rotten evil. It is to band together and be strong in our belief. Not as a we against them thing but as a for the grace of God go I thing. We also much teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. We must live our lives in peace, harmony, and balance. We must strive to overcome the demons that seek to destroy our minds, invade our souls. We must truly believe that God is God and be willing to lay down our life for that  belief. We must treat others as we want to be treated. We must always be there to assist the brothers and sisters of the faith. We must not degrade and poke fun at other religions, systems, and organizations because we are all of the same species, the same origin, the same physical makeup. We breath the same air, walk on the same ground, bleed the same blood, and die the same way.

We must respect all of the teachers, profits, seers, apostles, and orators of the ages for they came to usher in a new time, a new era, a new way. They gave us all that we need to do it right. They warned us of the consequences of our actions. They gave everything of themselves for us, for our future. Now it is time to open our eyes and see. It is time to hear the message, the word, the story, the poem, the song that they put in our heart. It is time for a coming together, a unification, a revival, an awakening. It is time to put off the foolishness and seek wisdom and enlightenment. May God be with you all.

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