Sunday, September 25, 2011


Broken, stripped, ravaged, enraged

We stand at the end of the line

Waiting for the crumbs of corporate greed

To fall down upon us

Sold out to the man, the machine

The ruling class faceless monster

With arms that reach around the globe

Devouring, subjugating, raping the land

And all that stands upon it

Masters of control

Demons of deceit

Wolves in sheep’s clothing

They come to destroy the independent man

With no soul and no body to imprison

They come like dense fog on a cold rainy night

They come without regard for life or limb

They come to own the very air we breathe

Our common lands bought and paid for

In blood, sweat, tears, pain, and death

They have intercourse with devils

To own and control the very strand of life

Of every species of the planet

They have the power to buy and sell the rain

To own the water that lays upon the ground

Beneath our feet

Like slithering worms in dark, dingy, deep mud

We the wage earner

Blind, ignorant, and hungry for more

We bow down and worship the machine

Like crazed animals in some cage of ecstasy and orgy

We feed at the trough of disgust

Our bodies run cold with these mindless manifestations

Synthetic sluts we have become

Pill crazed consuming maggots

Left to die and rot with the aftermath

Of this massive gangbang

Duped into believing we are free

Content with our stipend

Terrified at thought of revolt

We walk blindly into the light of darkness

We squirm and quiver in our comfort zones

We have submitted ourselves to these false gods

These ruling class pimps

We are whores ready and waiting

To be completely consumed and controlled

Who will come after us

What will they say of these unspeakable perversions

The prophet speaks

The black horse has arrived

The artist cries out

The poet mourns

The ground is getting closer

We are in free fall

Prepare to die

I hope on your feet fighting

And not on your knees in submission

© Kiler Davenport 2010

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