Saturday, September 3, 2011


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It is as if we cannot live beyond this self inflicted fiction

We stubbornly stand firm in what others see as folly and foolishness

We believe the lies, the half truths, the propaganda, the political spin

Drowning in the dark sea of foolishness

Living as if there were no tomorrow

Getting all we can get while the getting is good

Devouring everything in our path

Our senses consumed with sorted pleasures

Deluded into thinking we are special

Believing the world was made just for us and us alone


We pillage, plunder, rape, rob, and ravage

Our most precious and only resource

Mating and multiplying like crazed animals

Eating her up from the inside out

Tearing at her precious skin

Poisoning the life giving air that she so gracefully gives us

We destroy her land, alter her landscape in the name of me, me, me


We are thoughtless in our attempt to drain her of every last drop

We want it all, everything, and we want it now

A giant thorn in her side

A nasty pest upon her back

An infectious disease deep within her bowel


There is too many of us, too much of us

She puts on a good front

As we pour, inject, spill, and pipe our digested matter

And toxic waste down her throat

We will not and cannot undo these dirty deeds we have done


Our offspring have arrived

Mouths wide open, trained and ready to rip her guts apart

Piece by piece and part by part

Mountains, valleys, hills, streams, rivers, planes

Glaciers, farms, and fields



We bend over, we bow down

We are enslaved by the corporate dragon

Each one of you, everyone of you, all of you

A captive, a whore, a subject of this monster

Who begs to be worshipped as god

Who demands your allegiance

Commands you to conform


Knowing your need for the easy fix

Betting on your addiction to buy now and pay later

Exploiting those sensuous pleasures

You constantly crave and desire


You are duped into this lusty contract

With the dark side of wicked men

You will not pull out of this gaping hole

You will not escape

The gravity of this massive machine


You have freely given yourself

All of you – mind, body, soul, spirit, and essence

You are on the inside looking out

Everything you do is done inside the machine

For the machine, with the machine


You sacrifice your children to the machine

You are food for the machine

You are fuel

Your offspring will keep it fed for years to come


I speak to you as one who has seen the outside

I come to you as one who knows how to kill this monster

I plead with you to come out of it

Save yourself, your children, your family

There are others like me

We do exist

We work inside the shadows

Our weapons go far beyond words

Our devotion is eternal

You will never kill all of us

You will never find any of us

Yet we are there

We know who we are

We know why we are

 And we know where we are


Now go and feed the dragon

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