Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let Freedom Ring and Ring and Ring


“Kiler has a strategic mind and is constantly innovating. A real think-outside-the-box kind of person.” from Jeff Beyers

“Kiler is passionate about his worthy causes and works ceaselessly to promote awareness about caregivers and to develop his radio network. ” from Sandra Lester

“Kiler Davenport is an unusually caring man. His integrity is high, and his compassion for those in need is boundless. He is a great man.” from Julie Achterhoff

“A determined, principled, caring, worker in watching the elder-care community of companies.” from Steven Kolins

“Kiler is very passionate about people and is driven by his cause...:) I endorse thee..” from Tammy Bell Wray

“Mr. Kiler Davenport is one of THE most intelligent, passionate and caring people I know! He is a dedicated & very hard worker. Love U Kiler!” from Jamie Barry

“Kiler makes the toughest challenges seem simple. Always exceeds my expectations. ” from Jolynne Hudnell

“Kiler is one the few left that don't mind taking on anyone or any combination of things that most would walk around. ” from Steve Travelstead

“Kiler is a true patriotic American who believes in helping the most vulnerable in society with every resource he has. Impressive. ” from Andy Taylor

“Centered, dedicated to his beliefs and giving.” from Rene Remington

Kiler, you are much needed as a voice and a person here on FB. Your presence inspires many and your voice is heard often. I appreciate you so much dear friend. - from Johnathan StillOne McFarland

God kiler thank you and Heather for all the heart and soul the devotion to and the crew both at Destinie and United caregivers of america for making a diffrence your kind , caring and loving ways and the protection of our senior citizens and how your spoken words of truth made me cry l pray your words and message touch the heart of many as you continuously touch mine ty my friend - from Renetta Serchio

Note from Annie Dahms about the ministry of Kiler Davenport and Heather Pound:
Kiler and Heather do not just have a ministry they are the ministry. They are a blessing to everyone they touch. They are not afraid to go into the darkest places and help those who noone else would reach out to. They bring people into their home, shelter them, feed them, cloth them, teach them, trust them, and most of all love them. Kiler Davenport saved me from one of the most violent marriages anyone could ever imagine. I was raped on my wedding night by my husband and his brother. My father, who is now dead, was abusive to me hitting me in the head with a hammer causing a stroke which left me paralyzed on one side and mentally incapable of performing some tasks and functions. Kiler and his team stuck with me through all the ups and downs. When I came to them I was like a wild wolf. I trusted noone, hated everyone, and just wanted to die. They gave me hope. They taught me to love myself again. And most of all to forgive those who persecuted me. I volunteer for them today. I choose not to be in the public eye. I still have many problems and I will for the rest of my life. If you give to any ministry, to any mission, let it be Maiden Voyage Ministries, Destinie Radio Network and United Caregivers of America. Three of the most powerful programs in the United States.

Note from Brianna Rose about the ministry of Kiler Davenport and Heather Pound
I cannot tell you everything I know about Kiler Davenport and Heather Pound. If I did I would have to kill you. Kiler Davenport has worked as an undercover operative for several organizations and been involved in some high level missions that have changed the course of American history when it comes to long term care, health care, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, and protecting and saving the lives of our precious senior citizens locked away alone and destitute in long term care facilities all over the United States. He has worked as the lead operative on a very special task force lead by one of our most prominent governors in the United States. Unfortunately his work will never be known except by a few chosen elite. His other half, Heather Pound, is a strong, courageous, and highly knowledgeable advocate and activist in community outreach, social services, and public radio. As an associate executive producer her job is to run ground zero. I applaud Heather and Kiler for their work and their undying commitment to the citizens in the United States and their fight to be free and stay free. Please support these wonderful organizations and critical missions that they have created. They will forever be on the front line and in the shadows of keeping America free.

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