Monday, July 11, 2011

Judge Not by Kiler Davenport


Make your way straight, stay off the crooked path

Do not give the wicked a reason to pursue you

It is easy to get caught up in the fool's web

Do not cross over into the fire it will burn you up

The flames of deceit will consume you

Do not provoke the wicked into action

Do not seek their attention

Your slander and gossip make you easy to find

Your words clap like thunder

You have made yourself easy prey for those who live in darkness

Be not quick to accuse those along your path

Be not quick to judge those who have hurt you

Remember judge not least you be judged also

Let the one above be the accuser

Let him alone be the judge

Remove yourself from the way of the fool

Be apart from evil

Have no part in it

You who are quick to point the finger should be looking in the mirror at yourself

Your flesh is not worthy to be fuel for hell's fire

It were not for God and all his grace

You would be lost in the bottomless pit

You would be cast into the furnace

Your bones crushed to powder

Pray for the accused

Pray for peace and understanding

Pray for unconditional love

Pray for harmony and balance

Stay in the neutral zone

Be not the accuser or the accused

Stay out of the world and into the word

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