Saturday, July 2, 2011


The road trip of a lifetime. This coast to coast trip will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the American dream is alive and well. That our citizens of the United States still possess the strongest voice. That solidarity, servant leadership, grass roots movements, and a strong commitment to rebuild this broken system for our future generations will prevail. And that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Come be a part of the solution. Stand firm with us to take back what is ours - The United States and its founding, steadfast, and eternal principles. Our team has combined three powerful forces - global internet public radio, an undying commitment to change, and to nurture the higher awareness in all of us that love, truth, and light conquer all things. MAIDEN VOYAGE MINISTRIES - mission statement Maiden Voyage Ministries will build bridges through the facilitation and encouragement of dialogue, promote the sharing of ideas and information relating to the basic spiritual need of people around the globe. We will find a common thread that runs through all us - that being the need to feel more secure knowing that there is something, someone somewhere that is holding the key to the essence of being. This outreach will not be based on dogma, winning souls, hell fire and brimstone, gaining converts, or asking for memberships to some exclusive "holier than thou" gathering. It will simply be a place of comfort, security, safety, positive mental health, and refuge to those lost in the storm. We are building a platform to uplift those who have lost hope in our current worldly system. We are not here to badger, ridicule, judge, slander, or put down another person's belief system, culture, creed, religion, dogma, or lifestyle. We are open to any and all who believe in solidarity, servant leadership, empathy, compassion, and most of all forgiveness. Our final goal is education, training, personal empowerment, and positive, mental and spiritual health. DESTINIE RADIO NETWORK - mission statement Destinie Radio Network provides news, commentary, music, and much more. Our main focus is to bring people together who really care about the overall environment in which we live and understand how interconnected we are to each other. As we lift our listeners up we will be lifted up. As we empower we will be empowered. We like to call it digital organics. We are talking a radical NPR approach to this endeavor with a radical out of the box twist. It is also an experiment in creative imagination as far as people working together as a team to produce something on a very small budget that will have a long, powerful, and lasting impact on our audience. We hope you will tune in and check out all of our platforms, shows, articles, events, and activities and become a regular part of our radio family. UNITED CAREGIVERS OF AMERICA - mission statement United Caregivers of America mission is to empower the long term health care consumer by providing current, relevant, and easy to understand information on issues that effect the hundreds of thousands of elder caregivers in America. We are a grass roots organization devoted to increasing the quality of direct care by communicating directly with those who provide it through support, education, training, advocacy, workshops, seminars, video, and audio media such as television, radio, and internet. By empowering the caregiver we will raise the standard of care, increase morale, infuse self-esteem, create a network that will increase the flow of ideas and information relating to long term care topics, and be a clearing house of ideas and major referral and resource center for all health care professionals who are directly and indirectly involved in taking care of our nations elderly. Take the time to think - is our mission to keep America's voice free, save the future of long term care, and help to enlighten, empower, and teach empathy and compassion, and prove that love conquers all things. Is this mission worth donating the cost of two packs of cigarettes, a bottle of wine, two six packs of beer, refusing those two extra drinks at the bar, or the price of two jars of instant coffee? Our goal is to raise $25,000 by January 1, 2012 and have our motor home / control room radio station fully equipped and up and running. Remember when you give you are investing in the future of yourself, your children and your grandchildren, and helping those trapped in this abusive, profit driven long term care system, and helping to keep America's voice free. DONATE HERE

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