Monday, July 11, 2011

Knock on God's Door by Kiler Davenport

I knock and knock and knock

On God's giant door

My knuckles all skinned and bloody

He must not love me anymore

I even stood out on the corner

In the hard pouring rain

I kicked and screamed and stomped my feet

I was in so much pain

I even took a bus down town

To the tallest building I could find

Screamed 'God help me

I'm about to lose my mind'

I even went around the world

Knocked on every single door

Sadly those inside said

'God doesn't live here anymore'

I'd almost given up

Got home to try to clear my head

Only to find a note

Lying beside my bed

I knocked and knocked and knocked

As I have done so many times before

If only you were home my son

To open up the door

The time has come to take account

Of what all men have done

I have called out every soul

And you are the final one

I am sorry that you were out

The day that I came by

I hate to blow your mind my son

But you have been left behind

- GOD 

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