Monday, July 11, 2011

Committed Institution by Kiler Davenport


We are committed to this institution called life
We are bound in this tribunal
This self made hell we call existence
We have imagined ourselves
We have created our own destruction
You tell me
I tell you
Your power
My power
Their power
Our power
It is all subjective, delusional, bullshit
Constructed formality
Social etiquette
Political correctness
Religious dogma
Denominated, proclaimed, exclamated, propagated, inflated, overestimated
Consumed with self pity
Groping in the dark
Unforeseen demented minds eating each other up like maggots on a corpse
Gagging at gnats and swallowing camels
Selling our souls to the corporate credit devils
Gobbling ghouls of government eating our brains from the inside out
Dangling the carrot of media madness
Our minds twisted into degrading folly and all the while proclaiming our great Christian heritage
Patriots raping nations all in the name of democracy
Overthrowing countries with our moral madness
Consumed with self righteous ideals
Maggots of made for T.V. movies out of mayhem
Where will it stop


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