Monday, July 11, 2011

Answer and Question by Kiler Davenport


You look at the answer when you ask the question.
You close your eyes and speak to the wind.
You run the race in darkness.
You try to find the end.

Relieve the mind of things, concepts
Ideas go away.
The mad rush to silence turns night into day.

To find peace, perfection, and tranquility
One must let go of all that one sees.
Take flight on wings of endless spirit.
Take time, be thankful just to be.

The mind be filled with unanswered questions.
Consumed with “who am I?”
The what, the when, the how
And still you don’t know why.

Be still my child the spirit calls.
Be quiet, be calm, be cool.
Let go of self, be one with time.
For that’s the golden rule.

To find is to lose, to see is blind.
You cannot bend the rule.
Take flight on winds of endless spirit.
Lose self and find that priceless jewel.

When the I am becomes the we are.
You have reached the first plateau.
When one becomes all and all becomes one.
Then finally you will know.

Vividly imagine, desire, be consumed with
And it shall be so.
The we are is all you really need to know.

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