Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Worn Out Path By Kiler Davenport

Why do you follow the same old worn out path that brought us to where we are today. Why do we not see that change is needed and you and I and others are completely responsible for overseeing this change. Look at yourself. What are you doing that is drastically different this year that would make your family sit up and ask what the hell is wrong with you and why are you acting this way. If people are not highly disturbed by what you are doing different then you ate not doing anything different. Are you putting up a tree and decorating? What the hell for? Are you going out and buying gifts that most of you cannot afford and should not buy. Are you teaching your kids these ways of the zombie and the airhead? Are you doing what the new world order wants you to do and falling asleep this season? To be awake you must ask as if this is just another day in hell and you must work to help those who cannot help themselves. You must do these things not because it is Xmas but because this is what you should have been doing every day of your life. How many of you are loving from check to check and always complaining about your lack of money. How many of you have your hard earned money in a bank that is runned by the mob. I would say that most of you do. How many of you lame brains work on the front lines like we do here in the northwest? How many of you just exist and breath air but never really live at all? Will you bow to the season or will you take a stand and boycott right now tonight. How many if you can break this insane spell? How many of you will understand my words of wisdom and know that if you are becoming awake it will hurt like hell and others will believe you to be crazy.

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