Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rise to The Tenth by Kiler Davenport

Looking out over this vast brain plain one hundred, trillion, quadrillion, trillion brain cells strong it never ceases to amaze me how little of this vast store of resources is used let alone understood. This complex network of fibers would stretch light years out if strung end to end. Yet we still flounder on the shores of foolishness.

Self absorbed, over indulging, slabs of physical, foolish flesh destroying self and everything within sight or hearing. Hell bent on the me, me, me. Hooked on the ‘I’ word. Crammed down in our comfort zones so far the light cannot penetrate. The sound has lost its way. Trapped inside ourselves locked up in the self made closet of delusion and illusion.

Who will deliver me from this self made hell? Who will come inside and get me out of myself? Are we all so locked up we can’t see each other? Who or what will free us from this web?

Let them come and come quickly before we eat each other from the inside out. Before we breathe our last breath and become a part of the vast emptiness of nothing.

Are you out there? Are you out there? I’m in here, down here, down here.

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