Monday, December 23, 2013

Kiler Davenport: COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF 1,000

this beyond the speed of light train is flying down this space time track out into the void.

we all have been given tremendous power to overcome these many obstacles that confront us. the thing that is stopping us is our lack of understanding of the power of togetherness, unity, focus and directed energy. these random post that I see scrolling across my screen will only serve to keep us divided and clueless. instead of scattered rays of light we need to be a targeted laser. instead of a wild and unpredictable storm we need to be a focused rushing river.

I am calling for people to come and join us in the 1000 producers project. it will save lives, set crooked corporations straight and give folks the empowerment they need and deserve. this government prides itself on the American people being clueless, passive and lazy when it comes to digging for the real truth concerning the real state of the nation and the world. they know that the mind control projects that are in effect at this very moment are strong enough to keep the masses buried in bull shit for years and years. they also know that they own and control the children of this nation and that parents do not have the skills, knowledge, wisdom and education to take them back. the counsel of 1000 will be a force to be reckoned with and it will prove that the real power is in the people who make up this nation.

when you join us you will get much more from this group than you will put in and some will give more than others. its free as far as money for membership and their are no personal meetings when some of us come together in our digital hang out to plan and organize. 1000 of us can move any mountain and cross any sea. our combined power and passion will overcome the most impossible obstacles. you all rant and bitch about wanting change, you post and post and post without any results at least ones that can be measured. the counsel of 1000 will be different for we will see results and demand results.

can any of you really imagine the power of 1000 folks concentrating on a target. going in to fix what is broken, heal who is hurting and build up what has been torn down. we are here and we are ready. will you come and join us. will you come and be part of this powerful program. let me know and tell your friends about us. contact us here on post or email us at or call us on Skype, 541-255-3870.

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