Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We Humans By Kiler Davenport

We humans have a need to be self secure at the expense of all others and we are a warring people. We have a need for greet and speed. Like it or not we are each other. We get onto trouble when we try and say that we are somehow different from the others and it makes it easier to kill them. We are divided because of our lack of understanding of how this all works.

Do we create our own realities? The answer is yes. Are those realities effected and infected by our personal experience? The answer is yes.

You are no different than the guy in jail for armed robbery. You are the same as the lady standing on the street corner begging for money. It is your lack of wisdom that keeps you divided from reality. Your reality did not include these folks.

You are selfish and have set yourselves above the people in need and you see yourself as better than them. It is much easier to accuse than to blend in and know that you are them and they you.

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