Thursday, December 5, 2013

Heed My Words by Kiler Davenport

Who will be there to save you when death calls out your name? Who will go into that place with you? Yeah you will transverse that long dark tunnel alone. At the other end your reward awaits you. Oh yes you must pay. We all must pay. Enjoy while you can. Take it all in. Get all you can get because soon, very soon, the pit will cry out. She moans for you. She aches for you and all those robbed, tortured, mutilated and murdered for power and privilege. To the least of those you turned your back. Those lost, those lonely. With one command you sent our men and women to certain death knowing they would perish. Woe unto you. It would be better that you place a large rock around your neck and fall into the sea. The clock is ticking. Can you hear it? Tick-Tick-Tick. Listen. Hear it. I bow in silence. Heed my words.

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