Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blue Tortue Boutique : Find Your Ocean Blue

We hope you find your ocean blue reflected in our beautiful artisan handcrafted jewelry to inspire our world! 

Blue Torture, LLC began with my entrepreneurial spirit and innovative new patented accessory - Highly Anticipated Launch - 2014 (Stay Tuned!!). Our name, Blue Torture, originated from my passion for green sea turtles and love of oceanic life and our environment. ''Tortue’' is "Turtle" or "Tortoise" in French, however, in English we pronounce "Torture" to rhyme with Blue!

I, Robin Barth, started jewelry design with my patent idea and also designed jewelry for a high-end precious stone jeweler part time until I launched my own jewelry line. My passion to create began as a child and comes naturally to me.

My designer's eye for color, natural elements, and simply chic design style have made jewelry design a true passion for me. I have also enjoyed creating interior spaces with a designer's eye for color and natural elements to seeing and leather inlay furniture refurbishment. For more information about Robin Barth and Blue Torture Boutique click on any if the following link:

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