Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Watchers Watch


They know where you are

They know who you are

They know what you are


You will not escape their gaze

The powers they possess are far beyond anything you could ever imagine


They are in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen

They are outside

Watching from all angles

They peer down from the sky to watch and listen

They are in the car, at work

They shop with you, play golf, go bowling, fishing, camping


Your walls and windows are no detourant

The deep woods will not hide you


The watchers watch

They analyze, decode, transcribe, measure, distrubite, encode, collaborate, sequence, and stratify

They hide in plain sight

They could be sitting beside you at this very moment

The neighbour, the maintenance man, the mail man, the store clerk


They don't have to work hard at all

You offer yourself up to the digital dragon like a mad crazed whore

You sell your children to the dragon

He is well fed and hungry for more


This mad crazed information orgy is wet with the juices of fools


Like cage chickens you lay the golden egg

Like well paid ladies of the night you bring them to orgasm over and over and over

They return the favor and have their way with you

They fondle, poke, prod, dazzle, glaze, daze, and amaze

You stand mesmerized, confused, hot for more

You have become a zombie sex slave

You have intercourse with these devils


You give your children over to them

You have lost control

Independent thought has vanished

Originality is gone by the way side

You are now the property of the U.S.A corp

You are one with the new world


Your mind is empty, your soul dead

Your spirit once filled with passion of the new deal

A chicken in every pot

The American dream is now the global nightmare


Religion will not save you

God is dead. God is dead.


Wisdom has silenced herself

She has saved herself for a select few


Those who have given themselves over to dragon

Those who have submitted to the slave masters will perish by their own hand

They are dead already

Walking empty headed through the streets

Going to and fro buying, selling, trading

Working, eating, and playing

And for what I asked

To feed this monster

This global god

This lie

This OZ with balls


You have submitted

You have laid down and opened yourself up


You are addicted to this world and everything in it

That is sick, perverted, scalding, demented, hard, sour, rotten, and perverse


Those of you who have fallen from the table

Poking around in the dark like blind and deaf pigs rooting for that next morsel

Of anything that will fill your endless appetite


The watchers they watch

Open up your eyes

Come out of the darkness

Come up and see the light

Listen to the silence

Speak nothing

Move not

Disintangle, breath


Remember who you are, where you are, what you are, why you are

You are nothing and yet everything

You stand at the beginning of the end of the beginning

You are and yet you never were

You came and you passed

Get out of yourself

Move away from the illusion

Pass into the void and be


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