Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Heard You When You Fell

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If I were not here to see this
Would it be so

It does not see me or does it
You see me, I see you
They see us, we see them

It does not care or does it
If it had the capability to care or not
It would not be it
Would it

I mean how can you exist without me
Can’t you see
It needs me, us, you know
Doesn’t it

Well then why the hell is it here
Why the hell are we here on it in the first place
It was getting along just fine without us
Wasn’t it
How would we know if it goes away when we do

I mean does the observed rely on the observer
Does one vanish when the other goes away
Do both cease to be when the others do not see

I mean you see this
But you don’t see me

I may be long gone
Or never there in the first place

And you, you aren’t there yet
And I speak as if you were there

Kind of like calling you into being
See there you are
All of a sudden

Okay you are gone
Now that I think about it

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