Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fund Issues That Count For People Who Care

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Why should you invest, donate or contribute to Destinie Radio Network (http://www.destinieradionetwork.com).

This internet radio station belongs to the people we serve our listeners, our volunteers, the recipients or our outreach and community programs.

We built this station from scratch. We began with one radio show on blog talk radio and worked every day – fifteen to eighteen hours a day – to get where we are today. This has taken over a year.

American freedoms are being stripped away one by one slowly but efficiently. This cannot be denied.

We believe the true power still lies in the people. The working class – the wage earner.

Our goal is to awaken the sleeping giant – the general populace, the consumer who has been lulled to sleep by a self serving government who will stop at nothing to make us slaves in our own country.

Our weapon is one of words, facts, figures, music, volunteers, participants, events, activities, personalities, scientists, consultants, advisors and an undying commitment to empower the people once again where they will rise front and center and let their voices be heard and the physical presence of many felt by those in power.

Division will not save us. Segregation will not empower us. Civil uprising will not bring us the fruits of our labor.

We must band together and stand firm in the belief that we have common bonds and shared experiences that forever connect us at the hip.

We must move beyond the groups, the factions, the special interests, even the two party system that has become obsolete and completely out of control.

We must take back the control. We must clasp hands and work together for the new party – the people’s party: the ones who pay the bills, the ones who sacrifice, the ones who die for this country to please mad men in high places.

The working mothers and fathers who have become drones in a faceless, heartless, pawn game; we the people must say “We will not take it anymore”.

We must stand and fight. We must do whatever is necessary to protect our seeds that came out of us and the seeds that will come after them.

We know what we want. We know the enemy. We know the territory. We have the weapons of light, life, spirit, courage, and commitment.

Together we can take what is ours. Together we can overcome.

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