Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New World Nonsense by Kiler Davenport


I walked a million digital miles today

Went to the moon

Explored the atom and beyond


I found out just how hot I am

Who's peeking at my profile

Made ten new friends

Talked to Jesus

No I mean really talked to Jesus

Well he said he was Jesus

But then again

I have another Jesus over on Myspace

But this guy has got to be the real one

I mean he says he is Jesus and God

You know the I Am, Alpha Omega, all that

Hell I don't know


Someone got arrested today for taking a picture

Of their kids in the the bath tub

Another for toilet shots of their four year old

What's this thing with the toilet anyway


I get poked every morning

Poked every night right between my Google

We poke, and poke, and poke


Meaningless chatter night and day

As if we, I mean what we say

Will really make a difference


I set and watch the world scroll before me


An empty box filled with incomprehensible do dads, whatchamacallits, and thing-a-majiggies


We worship it

We are insanely addicted to it

We are transformed by it


We are friends with the faceless

We like things we know nothing about


We act as if we are some kind of community

Community of what


Digital faceless drones

Hanging their junk on the digital clothes line

For all the world to see


Putting all out there for Big Brother

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