Saturday, August 6, 2011

Citizens of the World by Kiler Davenport



I am a citizen of the world. Using the technology at my disposal and the resources at hand we will set out on a journey that will last a lifetime. We freely choose to pull up stakes and travel the United States in search of those who are actually making a powerful and positive difference in the lives of many. Those grass roots organizations like ours who do what they do because they can, because they have to. It is built in them to push the limits, tip the scales, rock the boat, shake up the status quo, to go where most will not go, and do what most will not do.There is no good explanation for why we do what we do. We have learned to overcome fear and disappointment. We have learned to just keep on keeping on.

I am a student in this world, an observer. I know how to listen and learn. I do what I do because I am good at it. It is in my blood. This internet public radio network is my life, my very breath. Many of you have asked 'What do you get out of this? What's the catch?' I guess you could say we are thrill seekers, unconventional creative thinkers. We work best on a deadline and in tight and sometimes dangerous situations. Its just who we are. It is what it is. As a matter of fact if not for people like us. There would be no life at all. We fight to keep the scales balanced, to keep free speech free, to limit big government, to instill hope where there is little, to educate, to inform, to uplift, to search for that elusive and constantly moving truth, to protect those in harms way.

We are always here watching, listening, thinking, overseeing, developing. We will not stop doing what we do. The powers that be would like for us to go away. They would kill us if they could. They watch us. They monitor us. They follow us. We do not fit any mold. We do not follow any trend. We do not bow to any denomination or religion. Yet we stand strong and fight for the rights of all these to exist and be free.

Please help us grow. We are the watchers. The ones in the shadows. We have the skills, traits, weapons, and experience to slay the corporate dragons. We are not afraid of the machine that seeks to control us all. We will not back down. We will not surrender. We believe that America is asleep. Lulled into believing the lies of a mad, crazed, corporate giant. A government that has forgotten the people that keep it afloat. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Crime is crime no mater how you package it up or what kind of pretty paper you wrap it in.

We ask all of you to stand with us, to invest in us. We work for you behind the scenes. We know the enemy. We see the future. We are the watchers. We are Destinie Radio Network. We are everywhere. We circle the globe. We are implanted in every institution in the world.

The network is where you can contact us. Drop us a hint and we will investigate. Volunteer for us and have a powerful impact on the future. Invest in us and feel proud.





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