Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Say Goodbye To You

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Good, bad, ugly, and different

Words for the same thing


You make it so on top of

The essence of reality


You call it into being as

Being what it is or is not


Without you it would rest

I would not be what it became


Things, parts, pieces, places

They know not who or what they are

Until you give them name


Perception has left you wanting

Craving to see, to here, to feel


You came out of them

They toy with you

Invading the place where you stand

Living inside of you


More and more they come

Filling you up with sickness


They live inside your head

They are you, you are them


The man slave, the whore

The gobble monster

Beans, cookies, rice and milk


Santa Claus

The Easter bunny

The I AM

We, us and they


A construct, a manifestation

A priority

Time flies

Gotta go

Been  there done that


You will not escape this mad reckoning

You are trapped on the wheel

The undercarriage of the way


Stop, Look, Listen

There’s more to come

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