Sunday, April 10, 2011


Words are weapons. Once spoken they can never be taken back. They remain forever in the mind of the receiving person. Words are very narrow and constructing when trying to convey an idea or concept. They will never fully describe the person, event, or activity. They create a wide gap between the subjective and objective.

Words are the birthplace of logic and reason. They seek to explain reality and existence. Meaningless sounds carried on the wind put together in ways unknown and yet somehow understood.

Where would we be without words? Where do you go beyond words? How do you know when you are there?

God said 'Let there be light'. We have even put words in God's mouth. How demeaning. God's words cannot be our words. There are no words to express God.

What a small and insignificant box we live in. We puff ourselves up with words. We claim such power with words. We cut each other to pieces with words.

Can't we find ourselves in silence? Can't we learn to be quiet? What is the hurry to speak up and speak out? He said, she said, they said, we said. Can't we learn to be quiet and calm?

We cannot find the meaning in the silence because words get in the way. They are always there waiting to be heard. They have a life of their own. They flow out like a raging river overflowing its banks and destroying everything in its path.

Will you rule with words or be ruled by them? Will you whisper or scream? Have you been overtaken by words? Do they override your reason? Do they cloud your logic? Can you think without words? Can you live beyond words? Can you find that place where words do not exist? Once there can you keep them out of that secret place.

They will charge the door with a thousand questions. They will beg for explanation. They will demand to be heard. You must resist the need to let them in. Focus on the light in the secret place, be absorbed with it, and become one with it. For this is the place from where you came and this is the place where you will go when all is said and done.

Thank God for this secret place. If only you can find it.

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