Monday, April 11, 2011

Am I Living in Hell?

Am I living in Hell?

Am I the only one who can see behind the veil into the abyss.

To know the truth behind the lie.

One who has returned from the dead a million times

To repeat this mad dance.

The endless cycle of eternal foolishness.

Which one of you will come forth and speak of this madness?

Are you afraid to peer into the mirror of eternity?

You are but a speck of dust on a grain of sand.

Those who seem to have lost their way have really found it.

Those who have landed need to take off.

Those down need to get up.

All came from the dust and all shall return.

Hear those cries of the dying.

The dead know no more.

For they have gone on into the eternal abyss.

One with all and all with one.

Living on trillions time trillions in form unknown.

Out of time and space dimension.

Ten, one hundred, one million.


Out of reach.

What species will they be?

Exist, not exist, matter, non-matter.

Do you matter?

Do you care?

Am I living in Hell?

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