Monday, April 11, 2011

Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself

Do you really love your neighbor as you do yourself? Do you really love yourself? Do you trust your neighbor? Do you trust yourself? Do you reach out to your neighbor? I mean really reach out beyond your selfish desires and needs. Are you able to forgive your neighbors' trespasses as God has forgiven yours? Does guilt, fear, shame, or any other dysfunction keep you from really connecting with your neighbor? Do you think you are better than your neighbor?

When Jesus said "love thy neighbor" he was talking about the whole world. He was talking about putting yourself last and everyone else first. He was talking about being open to peoples' needs. He was talking about unconditional love. The highest love; a love that has no boundaries; a love that is unstoppable and so often misunderstood in our disconnected society.

Have you built your house on sinking sand? Are you drowning in stress and misery? That is not God's will for you. You are a product of your thinking. Your actions are a manifestation of your inner self. You are what you accuse everyone else of being. When you point at them you are looking in the mirror. You are locked in a prison of self doubt, confusion, fear, and delusion.

Love does not doubt. Love does not slander. Love does not gossip. Love is not lazy or slothful. Love has not shame or deceit. True God love will conquer all things. Nothing can stand in its way.

Oh ye of little faith. Come out of your shell. Open your eyes to the wonderful opportunities that God has laid before you. Be of good cheer. Be joyful in the Lord and he will rescue you from the snare of the world. He will increase your faith. He will take you to places that are impossible to go in your human mind. He will remove the chains that are binding you.

You will know when you are in God's will. All doubt, fear, and hopelessness will fade away. You will be consumed with peace, forgiveness, hope, harmony, and balance. You will be an example to everyone around you. Your light will shine for all the world to see. May God bless you and keep you good neighbor.

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