Monday, April 11, 2011

The Question to the Answer

Did God build only one road to his door step? Did he sanction doctrine, denominations, and dogma? If so can you prove it. Do you think God is religious? Do you think he cares about your religion? You need God but does he need you. Do the Church of Christ folks really think they are the only ones going to Heaven or is that just a joke. I thought it was the Pentecostals.

Why do people play dress up when they go to church? Do you think God in all his glory is impressed with your wardrobe? What church do think God would visit if he happened to stop by? Do those of you who read the Bible know how many books are missing? If you would take some time to research that it might confuse or even scare you. Do you ever think that living forever might get a little boring after awhile?

Do these questions bother you or make you a little uncomfortable? They do me but these are questions that are on a lot of peoples' minds including Christians. Don't you want to know the answers? Maybe there aren't any.

How long is forever anyway. Where did God come from? Oh sure I know what you are going to say. He's been here forever. Well how long is that. Do you believe in Hell? If God is a God of love then why would he let us put ourselves in Hell and burn for eternity. Babies don't know God or Jesus. Do they go to Hell? A preacher once told me they did. He was a Pentecostal. What about all the millions who were born before Jesus came on to the scene? Are they going to Hell? Is Jesus the only way or have we just been brainwashed to believe that?

Do you tend to stay away from people who ask these questions? Is that because you ask them to and it makes you confused and afraid. Then you think the Devil made you do it.

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